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Houston Garage Door Opener Services
Offering support for both commercial and residential garage door openers, gives Houston Garage Door customers the chance to have all of their garage door opener repair, installation and replacement of parts, hardware, keypads, transmitters and remotes handled in one place. Houston Garage Door has the expertise needed to work with a wide variety of drive systems, and horsepower levels. Including belt, chain and screw drives. For garage door openers that work on any home with safety devices and security features that are reliable and dependable to the full security openers required for heavy duty commercial garage doors, Houston Garage Door can take care of our customers' needs.
Houston Garage Door Opener Installation

When you purchase a new home or build one, your choices in garage door installation will include the proper installation of a new garage door opener. When our customers call  Houston Garage Door for opener installation we can offer them several different options, each with its own benefits, excellent operating systems, and levels of regular maintenance required. For customers who want a quiet garage door opener that barely makes a sound, to the customer who wants the most efficient, dependable garage door opener they can afford, Houston Garage Door has the answer for their individual garage door opener installation in Houston.

Houston Garage Door Opener Replacement

Houston Garage Door receives a ton of calls from customers looking for help when their garage doors become sluggish, noisy, stuck open, down, and sometimes halfway. The problem usually lies with the garage door opener, and requires a simple change out with a garage door opener replacement. Houston Garage Door understands that our customers need a company they can rely on for honest free estimates, reliable service and top of the line electronic garage door openers. That is why they know they can call us to tell them exactly how much the price of garage door opener replacement will be, and they always discover they are receiving the best service, from highly qualified technicians at a price everyone can afford.

Types Of Houston Garage Door Openers Our Customers Need
We like to provide adequate information for our customers that makes the decision on which garage door opener is best for them. Houston Garage Door offers the following basic information on the garage door openers we install throughout Houston.

Chain Drive - One of the most inexpensive and reliable types of garage door openers, Chain Drive Openers can be nosier than other types. Houston Garage Door installs this type using a metal chain that moves between the opener and the garage door, as the motor engages the chain will raise or lower the door.
Screw Drive - One of the most expensive opener drive systems Houston Garage Door installs, this type is difficult and requires the precise knowledge of a professional team. Screw Drive openers are extremely reliable and have a quiet operation system. The system operates by turning a long bar with screw like definitions through the motor raising and reversing for lowering the garage door.

Belt Drive - While less inexpensive than a chain drive, and as quiet as a Screw Drive, it does not have the durability of a chain drive or a Screw Drive. Houston Garage Door installs these drive systems almost the same way as a Chain Drive system, and it operates the same way with a belt replacing the chain for a much quieter operating system.

Computer Controlled Garage Door Systems - Houston Garage Door offers these types of opener systems to customers looking for the cutting edge in garage door operation. The opener system operates off a signal that is are several motors that are activated by the computer chip that senses the exact position of the door and will send a signal that tells the door to raise or lower depending on its current position.

Before you spend money on a new garage door opener installation or replace an older one, call Houston Garage Door and let us tell you if your existing garage door opener is really past its prime. Our honest free estimate for garage door opener replacement or repair will give you the exact facts about the life left in your current garage door opener, and we can provide the superior service needed to repair or replace it.
When you are looking for a company you can depend on for superior customer service, high quality parts and hardware, and reliable garage door technicians, then Houston Garage Door is the one to call. We have a proven track record with our loyal customers, and we want you to join them and see for yourself why Houston Garage Door is the Best Garage Door service in Houston and the surrounding areas.

Give Houston Garage Door a call today and we will be there 24/7 to answer your questions, and schedule a home visit for a free estimate on your Houston Garage Door Opener Installation, Replacement or Repair.